PT880 - Personal

 GPS for the elderly & children

Track anyone, anything, anytime, anywhere in the world with this personal GPS tracker. 
The Mongoose PT880 is a multi-purpose battery powered GPS tracker either for yourself, your children, your loved ones and your belongings. 
So small it easily slips into a pocket or bag ..... or anywhere ! 

Set a 'geo-fence' - it's an invisible boundary around a known location - if the tracker moves outside that area, you can get an alert on your mobile phone. Also alerts you when an area is entered.

You can see the location at any time thanks to the free mobile phone APP, but that's not all, see below for all the details.


Only $199.00 (Excl sim)

  • FREE mobile APP & website - No Fees - No Contract
  • See current 'live' location on your smart phone, tablet or website
  • Playback history of travel - 6 months history maintained
  • SOS function - max' 3 numbers
  • 3G Quad Band Mobile Connection
  • Unlimited range via the mobile network
  • Geo-fence - sets a perimeter boundary - Multiples can be set. Min' radius 100m
  • Text alerts for geo-fence, speed, move & low battery
  • Uses mobile data for low cost operation
  • NZ Daylight saving adjustable
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery 
  • Low battery alert - sends you a text when it needs charging
  • Power saver function (sleep) - wake up with internal movement sensor
  • Magnetic attached mains/USB charger - 100/240v~5v *
  • Water resistant - Rain/splash proof - do not submerge or shower - NOT WATERPROOF
  • Size: 50x50x20mm - 40g
  • Status LED'
  • 2 year product warranty
  • SIM card required with voice, text & data (Vodafone, 2 Degrees or Spark) - data only cards not compatible
Updates to the mobile APP may change features (added or deleted) without notice.

Battery life depends on usage. The more it tracks, the more battery it uses.

It's just like your mobile phone. If you leave it switched on but don't use it, the battery lasts for days. Use the phone for calls, texts or the internet and you have to charge it sometimes more than once a day. The same applies to the tracker.

In normal use, the tracker sleeps when not moving thereby preserving battery life. But if inside a building, battery will be used whilst the tracker searches for a GPS signal. The mobile phone APP shows you the battery state so you are never left with a flat battery.

Mobile APP. The APP is designed for smart mobile phones and tablets. Users of tablet products such as the iPad can install the iPhone version.
Not suitable for Windows mobile phones.