M80/MAP80 Series

MAP80G - 5 Star

The MAP80G model is interfaces with your cars existing factory remote control. Just lock and unlock as normal to set and unset the security system.

Our MAP system and 'upgrades' the vehicle's basic security to a full 5 Star alarm and immobiliser system.5 star M80

The MAP80G is our flagship model of 'upgrades', so if your vehicle already has remote controlled central locking, then consider the MAP80G - it was specifically designed for your vehicle.


  • AS/NZS Standards certified - 5 Star
  • interfaces with your existing remote control
  • automatic dual circuit engine immobiliser
  • bonnet, boot and door protection
  • battery back-up siren 
  • 2 stage impact sensor
  • microphone glass break sensor
  • all black wiring
  • PIN coded override - programme your own number
  • chirp confirmation
  • light flash confirmation
  • turbo timer interface software
  • a range of programmable features

    Tested and certified to AS/NZS4601 amendment 1 2003 and AS/NZS3749.1 2003 Class A.