Cables, Connectors & Mounts

We offer a range of heavy duty cables to marry our heavy duty cameras to their monitors.

There are also connectors to permit connection between the heavy duty range of cameras and monitors to the lighter cameras and monitors.

  1. PEC Heavy Duty Cables
    Our heavy duty cameras are not supplied with extension cables due to the vehicle type. A 'PEC' cable will need to be purchased. These are 4 pin trype and directly connect the camera to one of our heavy duty monitors. They are available in 4 lengths; PEC5 - 5 metrePEC10 - 10 metrePEC15 - 15 metrePEC20 - 20 metreThey connect directly to our 4 PIN cameras and monitors.Alloy threaded metal terminal connectors with rubber sleeve. If connecting to one of the passenger type of monitor with RCA...
  2. MWMB - Windscreen Mount
    Suction cup windscreen mount. Designed for those dash boards that just arn't flat. NB. The monitor should still touch the dash easing the weight load on the windscreen mount. Product only $39.00
  3. HD2RCA
    Connects a camera with RCA output to a 4 PIN cable or monitor. Note: this cable only transmits the video signal. Camera power supply is direct to power source. Product only $19.00
  4. RCA2HD+P
    Converts 4 PIN to RCA together with power. Normally used to connect a heavy duty camera to a mirror monitor or smaller dash mounted monitor. Product only $39.00
  5. 10CMM2M
    Adapter to join 2 female terminals together of 4 PIN heavy duty cables. Product only $13.00
  6. PC12
    Used in conjunction with the RCA2HD+P, this cable is a replacement 12 volt power connecter and will work on most standard camera's with the 3.5mm jack. Product only $9.00
  7. 5MRCA
    Camera RCA - Although supplied with all our standard cameras often there is a need to extend or simply replace a damaged RCA. So why not replace with the original cable your camera came with. Includes red trigger wire. Product only $9.00