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MJ6 / MX10 / S1010

   MX10 - part#: mrc10

       MJ6 - Discontinued

  S1010 - Discontinued

S1010 - Remote code learning - maximum of 3 remotes

When the system is disarmed:-

  1. Open the drivers door
  2. Turn the ignition ON
  3. Press and release the override button 7 times - siren chirps once
  4. Press any button on 1st remote, then again for 2nd remote and again if a 3rd remote is to memorised.
  5. Siren will chirp once after the 1st remote, twice for the 2nd and so on. As confirmation of the learning function.
  6. Turn the ignition OFF. Lights will come on for 2 seconds to confirm completion

MJ6 - Remote code learning

Disconnect the alarm power source and be ready to re-connect. As the alarm will start to sound when the plugs are connected together, have the remote control handy and press the right hand button to disarm the alarm within 30 seconds - this action also memorises the remote signal - the siren will chirp 4 times as confirmation.

MX10 - Remote code learning - maximum of 2 remotes

  1. When the system is disarmed, turn ignition OFF/ON 4 times and leave ignition ON (siren will chirp rapidly)
  2. Press any button on first remote, then again for 2ndremote. Siren will chirp after each remote as confirmation of the learning function.

Note: The MX10 uses the 'fixed code' system and can memorise two different codes.