1. DBLHD1/2 - Wiring Harness
    2 harnesses available; DBLHD2 - LED Single Harness DBLHD1 - LED Single Harness - round plug
  2. DBLTPK - Tamper Proof Light Bar Bolts
    Security tamper proof light bar bolts Adds Security to your Light bars  Dome Shaped Bolt Head Eliminates Tampering4 Tamper proof bolts1 Fastening Tool
  3. DBUBM - Bumper Bracket
    Universal bumper bracket. Ideal for mounting spot lamps to the bumper. Made from high carbon stamped steel material. This bracket may require some modification for certain applications. Please verify fitment before making any permanent installation. Lamps not included.
  4. DBB2.0M/2.5M/3.0M - Pole Mounting Brackets
    Universal Pole/Rollbar Mounting Brackets (Pair) 3 models; DBB2.0M - 2" bar DBB2.5M - 2.5" bar DBB3.0M - 3" bar The Lighting Solutions adjustable mounting brackets are an excellent way to mount single or dual row off road LED light bars to your roll cage or your vehicle’s tubular mounting locations. We offer simple solutions for mounting onto brush guard bumpers, roof racks, and Roll cages. These Universal bracketing systems can be used on your car, boat or recreational...