Roof Mount DVD Players

How good would it be to offer your rear seat passengers a DVD screen so they can watch movies ?
It's just like being on an aircraft.

The screen mounts on the ceiling of your vehicle and is a slimline design so it doesn't impede view or movement when not being used.

With FM radio output the sound can be played through the cars radio stereo system.
They also have IR (infra-red) wireless output for use with our optional QHP2 wireless headphones.

  1. Q355 10.2"
    The Q355 features a 10.2" 16:9 high definition colour screen with integrated DVD player which offers superb w i d e s c r e e n pictures and sound quality through your vehicles audio system.  It flips up neatly out the way when not in use.  With its FM output, simply tune a radio channel on your car audio system so all can hear what is playing (CD or DVD). Alternatively, the audio can be hard wired direct to your cars audio system if it has an AUX input.For more discrete...
  2. QHP2
    Wireless IR (infrared) single channel stereo headphones. Dual channel Channel selectable Comfortable and adjustable head band - adult use only Powered by 2 x AAA alkaline batteries (not supplied) Volume control 12 month product warranty (excludes abuse) IR headphones are designed to be directional and will not operate over a wide area. The listener should ideally be situated directly in front of the transmitting device.May not be suitable for young children - by their...