DVD Players - Headrest & Clip-on

DVD Players

Keep your passengers entertained for hours with the Mongoose Q Series of DVD/CD players.    

  1. Q490 9"
    The Q490 is an ADR Approved DVD headrest that replaces your original factory fitted headrest. The headrest has a built-in 9" colour LCD screen, DVD player and is supplied with a remote control. Sound can be either FM audio to play sound through your car stereo or IR wireless output for optional IR headphones. Two Q490's can be linked together so either can be the master playing through both screens (incurs additional parts and charges). Supplied individually. Product only $339.00
  2. Q500B 9"
    'Clip-on' 9" DVD Headrest Player NOW WITH FREE HEADPHONES DVD entertainment for your rear seat passengers. The Q500 clip-on DVD player attaches to the headrest poles of the front seats with convenient attachment brackets.They are easy to remove for security or to transfer from one vehicle to another as no assembly required.NOTE: Many vehicle manufacturers now design their headrests to be 'active' and part of crash safety equipment - the headrest moves forward to help restrain the head...
  3. Q510 10.1"
    10.1" Hi Resolution Clip-on Headrest DVD Player The Q510 clips onto the poles of the front seat headrests to provide rear seat passengers hours of DVD and media entertainment. Supplied as a single unit, the Q510 has various options for sound output. Choose from; 1. FM radio output - just tune a spare radio station on your car radio, so everyone can hear 2. IR wireless output to wireless headphones (extra cost) - only the viewer can hear the sound ! 3. From the built-in speakers 4. Via...
  4. QHP2
    Wireless IR (infrared) Dual channel stereo headphones. Dual channel Channel selectable Comfortable and adjustable head band - adult use only Powered by 2 x AAA alkaline batteries (not supplied) Volume control 12 month product warranty (excludes abuse) IR headphones are designed to be directional and will not operate over a wide area. The listener should ideally be situated directly in front of the transmitting device.May not be suitable for young children - by their...