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High quality accessories to enhance any AUDIO installation

  1. BT100 - Rocker Switch Bluetooth Controller
    Streams Audio with-out the need of a Headunit FEATURES: Controls volume up and down Track up and down selection Play and pause Selectable Bluetooth or AUX inputs RCA output – 1 volt Amplifier remote turn on lead Retains paired memory Product only $139.00
  2. HLC6 - 6 Channel Powered Line Out Converter
    6 Channel Speaker Output to Line Output Converter Features: Max Speaker Level Input: 60 Watts @ 4 Ohms Max Level Output: 9.5 V Output Gain: +/-12dB Power Supply PWM Switching Power Draw 200mA Recommended Fuse Rating 1 Amp Remote Trigger Output Current Product only $199.00
  3. CL17Z - 5.5m RCA Stereo Lead
    Double Shielded Twisted Pair Interconnect This RCA Cable is very durable and reliable. This is a great investment and also can be a great gift. Translucent Blue Jacket Spirally Wrapped Foil Shield Twisted Pair Copper Conductor Electromagnetic Shield Oxygen Free Cable 24K Gold Plated Split Tip 17' (5.5m) Product only $25.00