Alarm Pagers

Alarm Pagers

Alarm sirens sound all the time and either people do not respond to them or you simply can't hear it because you are too far away.

Pagers provide a solution as they communicate directly with you.

GSM 'text pagers' operate on the mobile phone network to provide almost instant text warnings of alarm activation or other situation.

Our FM radio pager transmits directly from your vehicle to you, so no other costs apart from the initial purchase.

  1. MTP4 GSM Text Pager
      Get warning text messages on your mobile phone if your car (or home) alarm sounds or if your vehicle battery runs low.WARNING:- ALARM PRE-INTRUDEDWARNING:- ALARM ACTIVATEDWARNING:- VEHICLE BATTERY LOWWARNING:- BACK-UP BATTERY LOWMTP4 INCLUDES 2 TEXT CONTROLLED OUTPUTS; Pulse output - eg: Unlock your doors by a text message Continuous output - eg: Text controlled engine immobiliser (starter motor recommended) or in home installation, turn a light on for instance. The 2G GSM text...
  2. MP1000 FM On-Belt Alarm Pager
    Never fear that your vehicle alarm sounds but no one responds to it. If the alarm is activated, this MP1000 FM paging system alerts you by transmitting direct from the vehicle to your personal receiving unit.Programmable for a choice of melodies, tones or vibrate (silent mode)Transmits within a range of typically 500 metres.Transmission range can be either a larger or smaller range depending on location, other transmissions, terrain and surrounding buildings.Supplied with 2 x AAA alkaline...