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We recommend changing your remote batteries every year to ensure uninterrupted use of your vehicle security system.

NOTE: Do you know the PIN override number of your security system ? If not, you could be stranded if the remote is lost or inoperable. See your Mongoose dealer today to get the PIN number.























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MX200 - MX40 - AA660

Discontinued - Use MRC200W

Description Suitable for:
  1. MX200
  2. AA660

A new remote has to be memorised into your security system for it to operate - this is called 'code learning'. The coding instructions can be found in your owners manual (which you can download from our website if yours is misplaced) or is detailed below. 

To learn new remotes:

MX200 & AA660 - 303MHz

  1. Disarm by existing remote, or use the override
  2. Ignition ON and press override button for 5 seconds (siren chirps)
  3. Press arm button on first remote (siren chirps)
  4. Press arm button on second remote (siren chirps)
  5. Repeat for additional remotes
  6. Turn ignition OFF