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Q-Mat Soundproofing

Easy to apply self adhesive sound deadening sheets to provide the best sound proofing for cars, trucks, houses, air-con units, motorhomes - anywhere noise is a problem.

DOOR2It's amazing what you miss when suddenly it's not there any more - in this case it's noise !
By fitting Mongoose Q-Mat sound deadening, you will immediately notice how noisy everything was before - and how quiet it is now.
The closing of your car door will sound like a luxury limousine with that satisfying 'thump'.
Your car speakers suddenly sound so much better, clearer with a much better bass response.
The Q-Mat Sound-Shield is easily cut with scissors or knife and moulded to all the variety of shapes. It self adheres to clean sheet metal and other hard surfaces.
The Q-Mat Sound-Shield material is supplied in 810mmx460mmx1.8mm sheet format, each sheet weighing approx' 1kg.
It is an elastomeric butyl and aluminium constrained-layer vibration damper.
Being a multi-layer composite, it not only reduces noise and vibration but can also isolate the heat from the outside.
Opposite are guides to installation for the various areas of a vehicle to which Q-Mat can be fitted.
Q-Mat can be used anywhere noise is a problem;
  • Cars, vans, trucks, motor-homes.
  • Lining outside air conditioning units
  • Boats and engine boxes
  • Anywhere there is a noise problem
Hear a noise ?     Fit Q-Mat to quieten it.   
  • Reduces Vehicle Road and Tyre Noise into the Cabin
  • Dampens Vibration and Resonance
  • Insulates from Outside Heat
  • Vastly Improves the Sound of your Car Audio System
  • Cut it to shape with scissors or craft knife
  • Peel off the backing - self adhesive
  • Use a wallpaper edge roller to massage onto the area
Speak to us today and fit Q-Mat Sound Shield to get the biggest difference in how your car feels and sounds.


Supplied in 2 different handy packs of sheets;
5 sheets     Buy from Mongoose Direct for just $175.00
9 sheets     Buy from Mongoose Direct for just $299.00