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The VT606 is a dedicated vehicle GPS tracker for our M-Trak webserver.
It is a professional business tool designed to provide cost savings by being able to monitor and control vehicle, staff and goods movements.
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5,000 Location Memory Storage
In the event of of no GSM coverage or connection to the webserver, the VT606 stores up to 5,000 GPS locations with its on-board memory.
Once GSM is re-acquired, or connection to M-Trak is restored, the VT606 will automatically upload its stored data to M-Trak.

LBS  'Land Based System'
In the event that the tracker cannot receive GPS satellite signals, the VT606 is equipped with the LBS which identifies which mobile phone cellphone site the vehicle is in.
LBS will not provide accurate locations - it will just show which area, or cell site, the vehicle is in. Limits a search area to a cell site - not all of New Zealand !

Instant mobile phone text location:
If you just need to know where a vehicle is right now, you can use any mobile phone to send a location request text message to the tracker. 
Two types of reply are available - nearest street address, or (for smart phones) a map showing location.

Engine immobilisation
By logging onto your M-Trak account with your secure username and password, you can prevent the vehicle from being driven with the click of your mouse.
Mongoose only recommends immobilisation of the engine starter as this is safest method.
The stopping of an engine via the ignition or fuel pump whilst being driven may have dangerous consequences to the driver, passengers and other road users.
The immobilisation of the starter circuit means the engine cannot be re-started once turned off by the driver.

Some of our own vehicles have GPS fitted for demonstration purposes and these can be viewed so you can see how M-TRAK works - and what it will do for you.
These vehicles are 'live' - not a recording.
Just call us on our NZ freephone 0800 80 50 80 for an access code.

How much does it cost ?
The VT606 tracker costs NZ$520.86 fully installed +GST.
We can arrange nationwide installation

Your subscription to M-Trak is only $25.00 per vehicle per month
+GST. All Vodafone GSM SIM charges are included.
(Min' 12 month subscription paid annually in advance)

NOTE: Naturally, there can be small communication delays so 'live' locations may show the location a short while ago and not necessarily exactly where it is now. This is usually seconds - not minutes !
Normally location data is taken and sent every 30 seconds.
You can change the location times if you require more or less location data.

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