BT200 Bike-Tracker   

GPS Tracker Built into a Rear Flashing Red Lightsports bike

Designed for bikes - but also used on mobility scooters, wheelchairs, motorbikes, quads etc
Keep you and your bike safe and secure
with GPS tracking on your mobile phone.

Great value at $249.00
FREE 2 Degrees 2G SIM CARD - just register and add credit
Click on the iPhone to see details of the APP and website.
The Mongoose BT200
looks just like a flashing LED rear light which is exactly what it is meant to look like…....COVERT !.........except it contains probably the best anti-theft device with its built-in GPS tracker and theft warning system.
Just insert a 2 Degrees 2G SIM card, download the free APP, pair your phone....and you are now tracking !

wheelchair gps01       scooter    
BT200 Bike-Tracker sends warnings to you for these alert functions:-

  • Shock/vibration sensor
  • In or out of a geo-fenced area (home, office, gym, cafe etc) - multiple areas can be set
  • Speed alert
  • Move/tow from where you left your bike
    The water resistant flashing red LED light is turned on or off with your mobile phone - by text or APP.
    You can also programme the light to automatically operate by detecting movement.
    The LED light flashes for 5 seconds…..then stops if no further movement is detected…..saving battery power.
    Riding the bike should cause the light to flash
    continually but, to preserve battery
    life, it automatically stops when stationary.
    In the event that you come off your bike or are under personal threat, you can press the SOS button which causes the tracker to ring the phone of those you have programmed into it.
    Fit it yourself - no tools required - it easily attaches to the bikes saddle stem or other suitable tubular section.
    The supplied bracket has quick release should you wish to use the GPS tracker for other purposes.
    Use it in your car, bag, suitcase, or even in your pocket
    Supplied with a mains/USB charger.

    BATTERY LIFE - depending on state of charge
    GPS tracking only - up to 36 hours
    GPS plus flashing red LED light - up to 18 hours
    GPS plus flashing red LED light by shock - up to 20 hours

    bt200bracket2charger 062glogo

    Not only for bikes but also quads, motorbikes, wheelchairs, mobility scooters – or anywhere a red flashing light wont look out of place.

    Call us to discuss your requirement - 0800 80 50 80

    * The BT200 GPS tracker requires a 2 Degrees 2G GSM SIM card (not Vodafone or Spark).
    Text and data charges apply when used in the GPS tracker.

    Quick release nuts and bolts can be replaced with more secure fixings - not included.
    Note: Bike, wheelchair and scooter shown not included !