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Every vehicle has them - blind spots.
How often have you gone to move into another lane only to find someone sitting in your blind spot ?
Most of the time to see them just before something nasty happens.
But sometimes - the nasty does happen !

Mongoose offers an advanced blind spot warning sensor system with GPS speed control.

2 warning LED displays are fitted inside by your left and right door mirrors.  
In normal driving, when a vehicle enters within 3 metres of your blind spot on your left or right, an LED lights to show that a vehicle is present.

If you then indicate to move into the hidden vehicles path, the LED will flash and an audible buzzer sounds warning you not to move.
It's as simple as that !

LED fitted     
  Monitor the
side rear blind spots
      •  See & hear alerts if another vehicle is within 3 metres
      •  Helps with lane changes, in fog, night-time, rain, snow or misted mirrors
      •  GPS speed sensor  
      •   Ignores obstacles approached from the front


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Unlike other systems that may be available, Mongoose blind spot monitors have 4 sensors. 2 are fitted to the sides at the front and 2 to the sides at the rear.
The front pair prevent false alerts from obstacles being approached, such as cars going the other way – pedestrians – lamp posts – roadworks - rubbish bins - parked cars etc.
Basically anything that you approach from the front does not cause an alert.
2 sensor systems cannot do this so are subject to false alerts.
It’s objects coming from behind - the ones that you can't see -  that are detected. 

Why GPS ?
The system monitors GPS satellites to calculate your vehicle's speed.
The blind spot system is programmed not to opertate at speeds below 20km/h. (+/- 25%)
This is to avoid false alerts, for example, at traffic lights, in slow traffic or in traffic jams.                       

There are 2 types of sensors - Push-in and flush mount.
The standard push-in type are inserted into a holes drilled into your bumpers or bodywork.
They are manufactured in black but can be painted to colour match your vehicle.
You just need to provide your installer with the colour code from your vehicles ID plate to get a perfect match.

The flush mount type are the ultimate and give that factory fitted look and finish.
They do cost a bit more due to the extra labour as the bumpers are removed so a mounting plate can be attached behind the mounting hole.
The sensors are then inserted from behind the bumper to provide a great flush finish. Well worth the extra cost !
The sensors centre can also be colour matched to your vehicle.
MBSW4G - 4 x standard sensor heads  bsm sensor        fit1

MBSW4FG - 4 x flush mount sensor heads flush fit2
The sensors shown above are to be mounted on flat vertical surfaces of the vehicle.

We also have available alternative sensor heads suitable for angled bumpers;
MBSW0       - 0 degress
MBSW7       - 7 degree angle - vertical alignment
MBSW13     - 13 degree angle - vertical alignment
MBSWAKIT - 4 sensors 2 rear with fixed 13 degree side angle and 2 with adjustable verticle angle rings, 0,7 & 13 degrees
These are standard fitting and are inserted from the front.
Sensor detection range is 3 metres.

 bsm system       installation