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Factory Alarm Sensor Enhancement

Factory alarms have no glass or body protection - add any of our sensors

Description Buy a brand new, or near new, car today and you may find it is equipped with keyless entry (remote central locking) and engine immobilisation.
A few may include a very basic car alarm.
(Have you tested your car to see if it does ? See note below)

All these basic alarms just sound the horn if a door or the possibly the boot is opened illegally.
But they don't offer any alarm protection if a thief breaks in via the glass areas, sunroof, soft-top or ute canopy.

      broken window

The Mongoose designed and developed MSU2 module allows for the connection of any of our car alarm sensors to trigger your factory alarm system.

It allows for any of these sensors:-

Glass break sensor
Shock sensor
Ultrasonic sensor
Microwave sensor
Tilt sensor
PIR (passive infrared) movement sensor

Any 2 can be used with the MSU2.

The MSU2 is versatile and your installer can interface it to your vehicle - just 4 wires to connect to your vehicle.

Cost ?  Much less than you think.

One sensor, fully installed - under $200.00 !

Two sensors, fully installed - from $249.00 !

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The best way to test a factory alarm is as follows;
1. Open the drivers door window.
2. Lock the car with the remote control.
3. Leave the car for at least 60 seconds (some factory alarms take a while to fully arm)
4. Reach in and open the door from the inside door handle.
5. If an alarm is fitted, it should sound.
6. De-activate the alarm by using your remote control.
7. Your cars handbook should have an alarm section on how to control it (rarely say how to test it!)