The APP & Website - 2 powerful tools to view & manage your GPS tracker.

2 great features of the PT Series of GPS trackers are the free to use mobile APP and online website.
There are no fees, the only costs are the charges for the trackers GSM SIM card.

The APP can be downloaded for Apple IOS or Android smart-phones or tablets.
For the online website, simply logon from any computer - no software to download.
App and website have passwords to protect your privacy.
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The tracker requires a GSM SIM card (Vodafone or 2 Degrees - not Spark) - not included.

Once downloaded, open the APP on your smartphone and logon using your trackers IMEI number (serial number) & password.
If you have multiple trackers, we can open a 'user' account for you so you can view all trackers at the same time - or individually.
The APP is a powerful application that allows you to locate, monitor and track.
It also gives you full control of all the trackers features - yet is so easy to use.
Multiple users of the APP is permitted, but to see your tracker, they will need to know your logon details.

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   Main APP menu                'LIVE' where is it ?          History playback

'Live' shows you the current or last reported location - compared to where your phone is.
It is displayed on the APP's own maps which can be map or satellite view.

'History' playback allows you to select any day up to 1 year ago so you can see where the tracker travelled.
You can playback at different speeds, pause and zoom in to see more map detail. map or satellite view.

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        'Geo-fence'                     Alarm panel                      Control panel

A 'geo-fence' is an invisible boundary. If the tracker moves in or out of the area, you can get a text alert.
A 'geo-fence' is easily set by moving the pointer around the map and then a slider to define how large the boundary is.
You can set multiple areas.

The alarm setting panel lets you choose which text alerts you want to get and those that you don't.

The control panel lets you set tracker parameters.


The online website has the same logon as the APP and all the same features.
Again, the website is free to use. No fees apart from your wifi charges !

Please note: The APP and website are provided for free access for Mongoose customers.
Mongoose does not manage the APP or website and has no control over how they function.
Mongoose is not responsible for any data loss or non-recording of GPS data.